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Create Custom Size Designs
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In the realm of digital design, flexibility is key. At Ellty, we understand that sometimes your creative vision doesn't fit into standard dimensions. That's why we offer the ability to create designs of any custom size, giving you the freedom to tailor your projects to your exact needs.

Custom Dimensions: Your Canvas, Your Rules

Creating a design with custom dimensions is straightforward. Whether you're designing a unique social media post, a specialized print project, or anything in between, you can set your own width and height for your canvas. Here are the guidelines:

  • Minimum Size: 40 pixels;

  • Maximum Size: 8000 pixels.

This range ensures that your designs are versatile enough for both digital and print purposes.

Tips for Optimal Design Sizes

  1. For Print. If you're designing something for print, such as a poster or a banner, opting for a larger size within the maximum limit will ensure high-quality output. Remember, the higher the resolution, the clearer and more professional your printed design will look.

  2. For Digital Use. For designs intended for web use, balance is key. You want your images to be clear but also optimized for quick loading times. A size too large might slow down your website's performance.

Adjusting Your Design Size

Don't worry if you don't get the size right on the first try. With Ellty, you can easily adjust your design's dimensions after you've started. Simply use our Resize feature to change the size of your existing design without having to start over.

Starting from Scratch

If you prefer to start with a blank canvas, you can always use the empty template option available on the Templates page or directly from your dashboard. For more guidance on this, check out our Designing from Scratch guide.

Custom-size designs are a fantastic way to ensure that your creative work perfectly fits your vision and requirements. Whether it's for a specific digital platform or a large-scale print, having the ability to choose your own dimensions offers unparalleled flexibility. Start creating with Ellty today and bring your unique ideas to life, exactly how you envision them!

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