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Adding, Duplicating, and Deleting Pages in Your Project
Adding, Duplicating, and Deleting Pages in Your Project
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In any multi-page design project, such as a presentation or a brochure, the ability to manage your pages effectively is crucial. Ellty provides user-friendly tools for adding, duplicating, and deleting pages, allowing you to organize your content with ease.

Adding a New Page

  1. Find the Add Page Button. This button is conveniently located at the top of your page thumbnails, making it easily accessible.

  2. Click to Add By clicking this button, a new blank page will be added right after the page you're currently on. This feature is perfect for expanding your design without disrupting the flow of your existing pages.

Duplicating a Page

  1. Select the Page. First, click on the page you wish to duplicate. Ensure it's the active page in your editing view.

  2. Use the Duplicate Option. The Duplicate Page option is located at the top of the page thumbnails, alongside the Add Page button.

  3. Create a Copy. Clicking Duplicate Page instantly creates an exact replica of the selected page. This is ideal for maintaining consistent layouts or repeating design elements across your project.

Deleting a Page

1. Choose Your Page. Navigate to the page you wish to remove.

2. Find the Delete Option. The Delete Page option is also located at the top of your page thumbnails, making it easy to access.

3. Confirm and Delete. After clicking Delete Page, the selected page will be removed from your project. Remember, this action is final, so be sure you want to delete the page.

Tips for Efficient Page Management

  • Regular Previews. Frequently preview your project to understand how your changes impact the overall design.

  • Use Undo if Needed. If you mistakenly delete a page, quickly use the Undo function to recover it.

  • Plan Your Layout. Having a clear layout plan can make adding, duplicating, and deleting pages a more strategic and effective process.

Efficiently managing the pages of your design is key to a smooth creative process. With Ellty's intuitive tools located right at the top of your page thumbnails, you can effortlessly add, duplicate, or delete pages to perfect your design. These capabilities allow you to fine-tune your project, ensuring your final product is exactly as you envisioned.

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