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Adding Elements to Your Design
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Design elements are the building blocks of any great design. They add depth, context, and flair to your creations. In Ellty, we provide a rich library of design elements that can be easily incorporated into your projects. From basic shapes to intricate icons, these elements can elevate your design and convey your message more effectively.

Using Ellty’s Elements Library

  1. Navigate to the Elements Tab. In the Ellty editor, you'll find an Elements tab. This is your portal to a diverse range of design elements.

  2. Search for What You Need. The Elements library in Ellty is extensive. Use the search function to find specific types of elements. Whether you're looking for shapes, icons, lines, or frames, you can find them by entering relevant keywords.

  3. Add Elements to Your Design. Once you've found the right element, adding it to your design is as simple as clicking or dragging it onto your canvas. You can then resize, recolor, and reposition it to fit perfectly within your design layout.

Uploading Your Own Images and Elements

For those times when you need something more personalized or specific, uploading your own images and elements is a great option.

  1. Prepare Your Files. Make sure your files are in a compatible format (like JPG, PNG, or SVG) and are of good quality.

  2. Upload to Ellty. Use the Upload option, which you can find in the same area as the Elements tab. For a step-by-step guide on this process, check out our article on Uploading Media from Your Device.

  3. Incorporate Them into Your Design. After uploading, your custom elements will be available in your personal library. From there, you can add them to your design and adjust as needed.

Tips for Using Elements Effectively

  • Balance Your Design. While elements can enhance a design, using too many can make it look cluttered. Aim for a balance that complements your overall design.

  • Consistency is Key. Ensure that the elements you choose maintain a consistent style and color scheme to create a cohesive look.

  • Experiment with Layering. Elements can be layered to create depth and interest. Play around with different arrangements to see what works best for your design.

The Elements feature in Ellty is a powerful tool that can bring a new level of creativity to your designs. Whether you’re using elements from our extensive library or uploading your own, the possibilities are endless. Dive in and explore how these design elements can transform your next project!

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