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Adding and editing shapes & lines
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Lines and shapes are vital components in design, offering a way to add structure, emphasis, and visual interest. Ellty's design platform empowers you to seamlessly integrate these elements into your projects, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Effortlessly Adding and Customizing Lines and Shapes

  1. Selecting Elements: Begin in the Elements tab within the Ellty editor. Here, you'll find a variety of lines and shapes. Choose one that aligns with your design vision and place it on your canvas.

  2. Resizing for Perfect Fit: Click on the element to select it, then drag the corners to resize. Adjust lines for length and orientation to suit your design's needs.

  3. Personalizing with Color: Change the color of your element to match your design's palette. Simply select the element and use the color palette tool. For detailed guidance, see Changing Colors in Elements.

  4. Dynamic Orientation: Add movement or symmetry by flipping or rotating your element. This can be done easily using the rotation handle or flip option in the toolbar. For more information, check out Flipping and Rotating Elements.

Advanced Design Options

  • Explore Pro Elements
    Take your designs to the next level with Ellty Pro elements. These sophisticated options can significantly enhance your projects. Discover more in Using Pro Elements;

  • Transparency Adjustments
    For a more nuanced design, consider adjusting the transparency of your elements. This can add depth and subtlety to your work. Learn how to do this in Adjusting Element Transparency.

Lines and shapes are fundamental to creating compelling designs. In Ellty, you have the tools to effortlessly add, customize, and refine these elements, enabling you to produce designs that are both visually striking and communicatively effective. Whether you're working on a simple project or a complex composition, mastering the use of lines and shapes will significantly elevate the impact of your design.

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