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Flipping and Rotating Elements
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Manipulating the orientation of elements in your design can dramatically alter its overall impact and appeal. In Ellty, flipping and rotating elements is a straightforward process that can add dynamism and balance to your creations. Whether you're working with text, images, shapes, or other design elements, these tools offer creative flexibility to enhance your project's visual narrative.

How to Flip Elements

  1. Select Your Element. Click on the element within your design that you want to flip. This could be anything from a simple shape to a complex graphic.

  2. Find the Flip Options. Once your element is selected, look for the flip options in the editor toolbar. You'll typically find options to flip the element horizontally or vertically.

  3. Apply the Flip. Choose the desired flip direction. A horizontal flip will mirror the element along its vertical axis, while a vertical flip will mirror it along its horizontal axis. The change is immediate, and you can flip the element as many times as needed to achieve your desired effect.

How to Rotate Elements

  1. Select the Element to Rotate. Click on the element you wish to rotate.

  2. Locate the Rotation Handle. After selecting the element, you'll see a rotation handle at the top of the element (usually represented by a circular arrow).

  3. Rotate the Element. Click and hold the rotation handle, then drag in the direction you wish to rotate. You can rotate the element freely or hold down a modifier key (like Shift) to snap the rotation to fixed angles (typically 15-degree increments).

Tips for Effective Flipping and Rotating

  • Maintain Balance: When flipping or rotating elements, consider the overall balance and symmetry of your design. Even a small adjustment can significantly impact the design's harmony.

  • Consistency: If you're flipping or rotating multiple elements, ensure consistency in how you apply these transformations to maintain a cohesive look.

  • Experiment: Don't hesitate to experiment with different orientations. Sometimes, an unexpected flip or rotation can add an intriguing element to your design.

Flipping and rotating elements in Ellty are powerful yet simple tools that can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your designs. By adjusting the orientation of various elements, you can create more dynamic, engaging, and balanced compositions. Experiment with these features to discover the full potential of your creative ideas.

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