Saving designs
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Ensuring your designs are saved and updated is crucial to preserving your work. Here's how you can save your designs in Ellty:

Auto-Save Feature

Ellty has a built-in auto-save feature. As you make changes to your design, Ellty will automatically save those changes at regular intervals. This ensures that even if you close the browser unexpectedly or experience a power outage, your latest changes will be preserved.

Manual Save

If you want to save your design immediately:

  1. Go to the top menu and click on the File tab;

  2. From the dropdown menu, select Save to instantly save your current design.

Saving Different Versions

If you wish to save a new version of your design without overwriting the original:

  1. Click on the File tab in the top menu;

  2. Select Make a copy.

This allows you to keep multiple versions of a design, perfect for creating variations or preserving original layouts.

Checking Save Status

To ensure your design has been saved:

  1. Look at the top menu for a cloud icon with an indicator. This cloud will show the current save status.

  2. Additionally, a written status, such as All changes saved or Unsaved changes, will provide a clear indication of the design's save state.

Remember, regularly saving your designs not only protects your work but also allows for a smoother workflow, letting you pick up right where you left off. With Ellty, your designs are always in safe hands.

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